Hygiene Is The Key To Avoid Covid-19

Covid-19 has turn the whole world upside down. This is proven where everyone are no longer allowed to walk around in public without wearing a mask. People are no longer touching each other, sneezing in public will cause a panic and no more public events like concerts.


During this pandemic era, everyone is paying close attention to their surroundings, hygiene

and health especially. This is because there is no cure for the disease yet. Scientist all over the world are fighting the battle to create the cure as soon as possible as this disease had cause numbers of death. In Malaysia, a total 294 death was announce due to Covid-19.


Thus we must take precautions to ensure we are able to avoid from getting infected by the virus. How we can get infected? This question is the most ask question by the people when the pandemic started.


Study had find, the virus can be transmitted through surface, droplets from infected patients and most obvious medium are cough and sneeze. Being infected by the virus can cause the host to have difficulties to breath. This is because the virus are attacking the respiratory system.


Hence individuals with medical history such as diabetes, hypertension, asthmatic and aged 55 and above are considered high risked for the pandemic. Thus, these individuals are suggested to stay at home, avoid being in crowded places and take extra care as they are. For others, we are also exposed and can be infected, therefore we must follow the SOPs to avoid from being infected.


These are some SOPs that can be share. Firstly, always remember WWA!

  1. Wear your mask.
  2. Wash your hand regularly
  3. Avoid crowded places and standing close to others.


Secondly take a good care of your hygiene. This includes your surrounding as well. Here are some tips of what you can do.

  1. Wash your hands for about 20 seconds to ensure it is clean thoroughly.
  2. Sanitize your house. Sanitizing product are mostly available in the stores.
  3. Always disinfect the packaging you getting and surfaces that are commonly touch.
  4. When handling groceries, take extra precaution by sanitizing your hand and disinfect it packaging.


To those who are wondering how to disinfect and sanitize your house, here are some guidance you can follow. For the wet groceries such as fruits and veges, soak them in salt water for about 20 seconds. This helps avoid contaminations. As for the packaging, you can wipe it with sanitizing wipes that are available at stores.


As of your house, you can disinfect by cleaning all the surfaces using sanitizing and disinfectant products.


Besides that, avoid being in contact specifically touching others. This is because the virus can be transmitted through touching. Although is it a norm to shake hands upon meeting, we must change it. Follow the new norm where no more skin contact allowed.


The new norm may be hard to be practice. Some might feel awkward to do it or feel like it’s a burden to them. Thus we must fight it. Follow the new norm! Obey the SOPs set by the health ministry. This is only the help you take care of yourself.


Remember now is the time where we take care of each other! Things might be hard, but we must believe we can do it. It is time we fight this pandemic. Remember always wear your mask!

By TengkuIlya Izzatee – Monday, 10 November 2020
[email protected]

Source :

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