MCO Has Struck Malaysia Again !

Kuala Lumpur: Starting of 9th November 2020, all states in Malaysia will be under Movement Control Order (MCO) except Pahang, Kelantan and Perlis. This statement is said by the Senior Minister Datuk, Seri Ismail Sabri.


The order will be amended for a month, starting November 9 until December 6, 2020. This is due to increment in numbers of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia. The number of cases had been increasing drastically since the PRU in Sabah take place.


As of now, the total active cases of Covid-19 had be counted to be at 11,689. Although the number of active cases can be worrisome, Health Director General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah states that health ministry still able to take things under control for now.


Besides that, the number of recovered patients is doing great, where a total of 825 patients have recovered today. This show high percentage of recovering. Thus shows that our Ministry of Health Officials had been doing a very splendid job in containing the spreading of Covid-19.


Carrying on, the announcement of CMO had bring both positive and negative reaction from the people. Among the positive comments are, they are glad the order had been amended again as the order can help to flatten the curve of Covid-19 in Malaysia just like before. This can be seen during June where the cases number drop until 0.


Besides that, it can ease the panic arise by the people as they’re seeing number of Covid-19 cases arising from day to day.


On the negative side, the economic sectors will hit the rock again. This is because all of their work will be restricted and makes it hard for them to maintain or grow. This will also cause more people have to be retrench from their work. This Covid-19 era has been seen to hit the tourism sectors to the bottom.


This can be proven where numbers of hotels are shutting down, airways companies retrenching their workers and other sectors of economy also slowing down as the power of buyers decreasing.


With the retrenchment happening in almost all sectors of economy, the numbers of unemployment increases. Hence, people are worried about their living. Some had to do 2-3 part-time jobs to copes with their live expenses now.


Thus, everyone is hoping with the current CMO in order, Covid-19 curve can be flatten down and be gone so the people can live their normal lives again. Where all sectors in economy are able to provide career for the people.


The people are also hoping, the government can take the most effective ways in handling the battle in this pandemic era. They are hoping for a solution can be made soon as possible.


People are also reminded to always follow the SOPs given by the government and practice it in order make the purposed of CMO works. Always remember to wear your mask, sanitize your hand and distance yourself from others.

By TengkuIlya Izzatee- Monday, 9 November 2020
[email protected]

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